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Thursday, November 14, 2019

We believe that educators are the most important leaders in the world. The challenge is that there are so many educators who don't feel like it from day to day.  We offer three quick strategies that support all education leaders.

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"A leader is someone who demonstrates what's possible."

-Mark Yarnell

You're a you know it?

Leaderally believes that every educator is a leader. Do you consider yourself a leader?  Consider these three strategies today that will help you hone your leadership skills and feel like the leader that you are:

1. Write down three things you are really good at. We know, this is hard... but take five minutes to consider your strengths - career or personal strengths. Thinking through and writing down skills that you are confident in will give you that first push towards considering yourself leadership material. 

2. Share ideas. We all have our own personal styles for idea sharing. Perhaps your's is through social media platforms, or maybe it is by sharing a classroom experience that you feel proud of at faculty meetings. Your colleagues want to learn from you, so share your successes and ideas in a format that works for you.

3. Learn something new. The best leaders are curious, and know that they do not know everything. Continuing to educate yourself will propel you forward in your confidence and in your career. Today, start by listening to a podcast or by reading an article on a topic that you have been curious about, but have not taken the time to dive deeply on. 
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Wide World of Education

Sustaining Innovation
Unfortunately, it appears that innovation and education are not always as married as we wish they were. Often times we just need a little inspiration from those who have really focused on making innovation a priority in their school. wrote an article called Profiles in Innovation: Leading at the Edge of Education with a simple framework and some great examples of educators leading the innovation charge. We hope you find inspiration or confirmation that innovation and education do indeed go hand in hand.

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