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Friday, January 24, 2020

Democratic classrooms allow students to feel empowered and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak their minds. Today we share self-reflection questions to help you focus your attention on leading a more democratic classroom. 

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"Let our classrooms reflect our vision of equality and justice for all."


                              Democracy in Action

Fostering a democratic culture in the classroom helps students see and feel what it means to be a valued, responsible members of society. But where does one begin when trying to lead a classroom democratically?
First, you need to understand what it actually means to lead a democratic classroom, which is a classroom where the students take a more participative role in the decision-making process. A democratic classroom is one that fosters mutual respect between teacher and students and between peers. All voices have an important place in the classroom culture. This will be evident in classroom discussions, decision-making and even when you're creating rules and procedures.

To see if you are already a democratic classroom leader, here are some guiding questions:
  • Do you ask your students for their feedback about your teaching and lessons?
  • Have you asked your students how they like to learn?
  • Have you asked students to perform different roles or hold various responsibilities in the class?
  • Do you offer options for the types of projects they can do?
  • Do you look to offer more than one type of teaching method throughout the week?
If you don't love the answers to some of these questions, look for areas where you can quickly make small changes to take a step towards leading a democracy in your classroom.
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Increasing Equity in Your School
We love this Edutopia article about the power and importance of increasing equity in your school.  These tips are smart and straight forward. You may be surprised at how much you're already doing and how easily you can bring more awareness to your school. 

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