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October, 29, 2019

It's almost Halloween! We are keeping things a little less spooky today. We have behavior management tips to make the most of what should be a pretty fun day.

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"Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble."

-William Shakespeare

Strategy Session:

It doesn't have to be all tricks
Here we are – another Halloween falling on a school day. We want to refresh three basic principles for making sure the day goes well, despite the excessive energy that may enter your room.
  • Expect and embrace chaos. You need to start your day by telling yourself that you are going to have some fun rather than telling yourself it is going to be wild and crazy. Have an extra cup of coffee (if that works for you) and plan to embrace the wildness in a good way.
  • Give your students a break. Last year, my son’s third-grade teacher not only expected students to do business as usual, all day, but she also assigned homework. Wait, what?! Of course we need to hold our students accountable every day, but perhaps we might lower our expectations, just a little. Your students and your caregivers will appreciate it immensely. Who knows, maybe you'll get your own bag of treats as well!
  • Plan something special. Maybe you’ve already enlisted parents and caregivers in the lower grades to run a craft or game, or maybe you are a high school English teacher and your students are sort of over that period of their lives. Find something fun regardless of who and what you teach, even if it is an article that you read and discuss as a class. This is a day that offers a chance to do something that will motivate and interest your students, so take advantage of that.
Above all, have a Happy Halloween and enjoy those kids!
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Wide World of Education

Halloween laughs

When I (Liz) became a parent, I was hoping that my creativity would improve and I'd be able to make things myself to show how much I love them. Well.... reality hit me in the face. Over the years my kids have asked me to stop doing some things like custom birthday cakes, for example.  At first, I was a little hurt, but then I looked back at some of the things I thought were adorable and really good. I decided my kids were correct. Anyway, when it comes to Halloween, parental creativity leads to some amazingly hilarious stuff. Please check out's link to DIY Costume Fails and enjoy the rest of your week. 

Happy Halloween!


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