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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This week brings us America Recycles Day. In honor of this, we share ideas for engaging students and maybe even your peers to change the recycling game at your school for the better. 

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"The Earth is a fine place worth fighting for."

-Ernest Hemingway 

The Other Three R's

Each year on November 15th, people across the United States participate in America Recycles Day, which is a day to raise awareness about recycling and buying recycled products.

How will you and your class participate this year? We suggest that you work together to create a letter of commitment to keeping America beautiful by recycling.

The following tips can help you create your commitment letter:
  • Introduce the topic of recycling and activate prior knowledge. Tell your students that today is America Recycles Day, and simply begin a discussion on what recycling is, including a brainstorm of recycling examples. Jot down notes on a community board.
  • Activate critical thinking skills. Ask your students questions such as, "what is the big deal about recycling? Why is it so important?" Encourage students to ask each other questions - use this opportunity to lead a truly collaborative discussion.
  • Create a list of key action items for commitment to keeping our country beautiful by recycling. Use a whiteboard or large easel paper to write the list, and leave room for each student to sign their names as their personal commitment.
The most important role that you can play in this activity is the facilitator, as your students will have a lot to say about recycling. The more they have a say in what goes into that letter of commitment, the more likely they are to follow through with recycling best practices.
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Wide World of Education

Recycling Inspiration
There are some amazingly creative recyclers out there. Between the creativity that exists in educators, what our students come up with makes for a pretty great list of fun ways to bring recycling into your school. We Are Teachers has a great list we want to share with you to get your environmental juices flowing.

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