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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Is your classroom in a funk when it's time to open the math textbooks? Today, we offer suggestions on how to reinvigorate your teaching of mathematics and to keep students motivated and engaged. 

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"I hate math, but I love counting money."

-Every Student

"We're still learning math?!?"

By now, disillusionment is in full swing. The first half of the school year is behind us. Students and teachers alike are counting the days until the next long weekend. And finally, math has become frustrating, dull and almost impossible to teach on some days. Sound familiar? We are here to help. 

There are deliberate strategies that you can use to break students out of math disillusionment. Today, we share 3 tips that you can implement this week.
  • Make it meaningful. Sometimes, all that it takes is to show students the "why" behind the concepts that you are drilling them on. Introduce them to exciting careers that rely on strength in mathematics, and offer them real-world examples of problems they would need to solve. For example, introduce your students to the world of interior design, and create a competition on redecorating the classroom. Students can calculate the area for flooring and paint and research the best price options to redecorate the room.
  • Make it fun. There are a million games out there in the universe for practicing math. We know that it is tempting to go page by page in that workbook each day – after all, you need your students to be well versed in those concepts as they prepare for the achievement tests that they will take in just a few months. But consider your students’ interests and the best ways that they engage in meaningful learning. Make math fun today by making it a game day. We promise that your students will learn through play – maybe even more than if they stuck to that workbook all afternoon.
  • Make it challenging. Some of your students are tuning out during math work simply because they are bored. Step it up for these kids and present some challenging problems to solve. 
Math can be hard, but it is not impossible to teach it in a way that is engaging and meaningful to your students. Take some time this week to consider shaking things up a bit as a way to kick start 2020 and feel great about your math teaching skills!
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Wide World of Education

You DO need math in real life!
In looking around for math inspiration, we stumbled upon a great reading list! Yep, interesting books ABOUT MATH! The books on this list offer something to students from pre-k to highschool (Hidden Figures!!!!!).  A booklist like this is one more example of ways that you can prove your math-loving point that there are plenty of ways to use math in 'real life.'   Happy reading!

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